Yakup Uysal

Born in Manisa.
Lives and works in Izmir.

Ongoing, Dokuz Eylül University, Painting, BA.

Nature is occurred with the metaphors of paysage and even if it seems like a phenomenon; the images formed by these phenomena have transformed into emotional codes as a painting which that support subliminal impressions. Paintings represents sections of the world's images that we live in, and follows the traces left by our instant impressions. The landscapes that are formed by moving away from the machine world at the same time, escaping from the mechanical world by searching for the good ones and the beautiful ones, which have a direct connection between the human spirit and nature. They are portrayed not as a form of nature, but as an instant reflection of acquired impression; therefore, “impression” is not a form, it’s influence of form on the eye. It is the blessing of the glory of nature to these compositions, with a kind of silence, trying to convey the feelings of stillness, the stagnation and a loneliness.

Yakup Uysal
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