Sonia Serpil Aslan

1984 Born in İstanbul.
Lives and works in İstanbul.

2012- ... Marmara Faculty of Fine Arts, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Painting (ongoing) (MA)
2012, Haliç University, Institute of Social Sciences, Graphic Design, Thesis Graduate, MA
2009, Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Fine Arts, BA

Concepts such as spiritualism, subconscious, dream, identity, sexuality, social judgments and establishment and hierarchy between woman – man constitute the point of origin of my sculptures.

My sculptures appearing black – white (neutral), with the effect of the color used, reveal themselves much more striking and sometimes by forcing perception. The “eerie” (insecure) circumstance, arising especially with the effect of the red color used on every one of my recent sculptures, “irritates” theviewers. In my works I am showing tragic events, injustice, rebellion and despair, buried deep within the subconscious, from the eyes of a child,by using symbols which will make us remember these.

Thus, sadness, anxiety and fear comes up automatically and humanely when an innocent child is standing there before us wretchedly. At this point I am trying to confront the viewer with our feelings and past that we are all exposed to but ignore, do not embrace, cannot define and leave in the dark because we can not bring to light.

Sonia Serpil Aslan
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Sonia Serpil Aslan
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