Pemra Aksoy

Born in Izmir.
Lives and works in Istanbul.

2000, Koc University, College of Art and Sciences, Sociology, B.A.
2014, Isık Üniversity, Master of Fine Arts Department, Painting, M.A.
On going, Mimar Sinan University, Painting, PhD.

By focusing on the concepts of existence and leaving a trace, I work on the subjects of constructing personal memory and the self identity. Since text and drawing is core for recordings, I am trying to emphasize them on the surface of canvas. I mostly work with thick materials because of its form and texture. This gives the sense of real matter.

Memory is based on all the things that we remember during our lifes. In case of memory loss, the identity disappears too. Language is a form of creating the reality. Recorded words can be seen as the proof of existence. Keeping the words can be a way to stay in touch with reality. The words seen on the surface on the canvas are quoted from my dialogues with my grand mother.  Since my grandmother had the “Alzheimer” at that time, text is not very comprehensive  

Pemra Aksoy
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