Hamza Kırbaş

1992 Born in Batman.
Lives and works in Ankara.

on going, Hacettepe University, Institute of Fine Arts, Painting, MA.
2013, Batman University, Fine Arts Faculty, Painting, BA.

‘’Modern then postmodern, so what is after postmodern.? Postmodern, the continuation of modern at the same time it also claims that it is necessary to be eliminated. Not according to the logic of Dynamic Hegel dialectics, which actually opens a new horizon according to the logic, it is done. According to the static logic that freezes the opposition. The basic aspect of postmodern is that it remains in a duality based on opposition. The present position of art is experiencing problems in communication process. Just like the game of from the ear to ear.

Hamza Kırbaş
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Hamza Kırbaş
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