Filiz Başaran

Born in Balıkesir.
Lives and works in Istanbul.

1973, Marmara University, Painting Department.

Filiz Başaran (b. 1951, Balıkesir) graduated from Istanbul State Academy of Applied Fine Arts (Marmara University) Painting Department in 1973. In 1977 she studied painting at Salzburg International Summer Academy with Prof. Jose Cuiha. She worked at Çamlıca Original Printmaking Studio in 1987. In 1983 she was accepted as teacher in the same department. She has continued her work as an artist and trainer at the same institution ever since, where she is also continuing to produce her worksstudies.

Interpretations of nature and humans come to the fore in the composition of her engravings, created by scratching surfaces of zinc and copper plates with needle points, using a subtle technique in which thoughts and sensitivities intermingle. While women, birds, lions, chambers, sinking needles, burned matches, springs, barbed gardens, students and soldiers are telling their stories, it offers the viewer a novel perceptual adventure.

Filiz Başaran
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Filiz Başaran
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