Desen Halıçınarlı

1983, Born in İzmir

Lives and works in Istanbul.

2006, Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty, Painting Department, BA.

2009, Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty, Painting Department, MA. 

She teaches Engraving and Basic Design courses at ITU Faculty of Architecture, Fine Arts Department. She produces illustrations for agencies, magazines, newspapers and books, and also produces wall paintings and typographic works.

The city offers a portrait of itself as a physical unit, in which the boundaries are drawn by itself, and these boundaries are redrawn every day. From the culture that has been accumulated for centuries, with the urban transformation - with a kind of destruction - the refurbished face and the social environment rapidly change the shape of Istanbul in our memories. As a self-fighting arena of the roads that connect to Taksim as the vasculars connect to the heart and being forced to watch it remotely is another proposition of extinction. It is a different form of documentation of a topographic image that represents a start from scratch with a longing for the green. Taksim Square's "star" image will stay in our digital memories until the next update.

Desen Halıçınarlı
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