Cem Öztürk

1981, born in İzmir.
Lives and works in İstanbul.


2006, Anadolu University, Departments of Communication Arts and Graphic Design (BA)

Inspired by medieval gravures and traditional woodcut techniques,he works on quirky, oldschool linocut & woodcut artworks at his studio. He combines children image which he sees as symbol of innocence and naivety with a grotesque world. He features unknown and uncanny compositions with them. The images and drawings are rather from a faraway world where traditional woodprint techniques has been used. His working method consists of firstly, charcoal drawing, then transfering the sketch on surface and tracing the image. After all, he presses the image with his traditional linocut press. Cem is also into drypoint and mezzotint gravures.

Cem Öztürk
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