Çağlar Kanzık

Born in İstanbul.
Lives and works in İstanbul.

Tampa University, Management, MBA

Çağlar Kanzık’s photography works of Zentai about new generation Japanese fetish culture ‘’zentai’’ can be evaluated as a multi-layered - aesthetical, social, cultural and psychological- dissertation. Zentai is a movement whose practitioners wear colored and tight lycra costumes from top to toe. Zentai emerged in Japan but it has followers all over the world now. This movement seems like a way for elution from masses, expressing of existence rather than obvious ones, shortly a way of liberation. For the practitioners of Zentai even breathlessness and blindness are not more restrictive than their identity and appearance which they avoid.

Kanzık encountered Zentai costume first time 2 years ago in Japan. He starts to photograph models with costumes and then shape the synthetical bodies in a digital platform for solving the mystery of movement. He tries to understand people who are into Zentai through images of aesthetic opportunity. What was the purpose of people who are into Zentai as wearing colored latex costume like hiding under another skin? What kind of existence do they chase?

Çağlar Kanzık
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Çağlar Kanzık
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