Bilge Artuç

1991, born in Siirt.
Lives and works in İstanbul.


Ongoing, Yeditepe University, Plastic Arts (MA)
2016, Sakarya University, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture - Department of Painting (BA)

She  studies on graphic, photography and painting according to her educational background at her studio in Ataşehir. She also continues to work with a multidisciplinary approach by synthesising her experiences on these fields within herself.

Visual memory of each individual is organic and unique. Anything visually sensed and seen is directly archived in the subconscious with a systematic storage method. All these visual elements in this archive consistently interact with each other. But when the eye encounters the elements which do not interact with each other in the subconscious, it forces the conscious and causes suspicions. The artist aims to create visual instruments which have generally low grade interaction with each other in order to stimulate this sense of suspicion. Playing with this scale of influence by manupulating memory creates a yo-yo effect between the things which exactly resembles something and which do not resemble anything in the perspective of the individual.

Reflections of three dimensional architectural constructions and two dimensional plants are used by benefiting from the cyanotype print technique. Intertwinement of the reflection of two dimensional plants with architecture is the instrument that triggers this effect. When considered as a methophor, to what degree are nature and architecture intertwined? This relation makes us question the process of change and transformation from past to present.



Bilge Artuç
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Bilge Artuç
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