Bedri Baykam

1957 Born in Ankara.
Lives and works in İstanbul.

1980,Sorbonne University, Economy, MBA
L'Actorat, Drama
1987, California College of Arts and Crafts, Painting and Filmmaking, BA

Although most of Bedri Baykam's work necessarily and consciously reflects the recent past and present of the art environment, it is essentially a reference to the artist's own life. In the early years of his art life, the artist used open composition, but has gradually switched to closed composition. So much so that even if a figure from the composition comes out, the entire system can be broken. At the same time, this closed composition situation led to the formation of a balancing element in Baykam's works. The large voids or darkness left in his works create a balance that settles the eye.

Bedri Baykam
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