Aslıhan Kaplan Bayrak

1975 Born in Zonguldak.
Lives and works in Istanbul.

2007, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Painting, BA

The perception of presence/ego is not independent of space. From this point of view, by playing on our perception of space Aslıhan Kaplan Bayrak aims to make us feel the pleasant tension between cosmos and chaos while traveling around the boundaries of order and disorder.

The time we can detect and perceive is progressing sequentially, but couldn’t it be sensed all overlapping in a different dimension? By composing spaces overlapping on another, with reflections, curves and intersecting lines, the artist makes the viewer question the soul of space and time. In her paintings, which utilize a kind of vertigo by establishing perspective from an up-front point of view, she refers to today's climate where our emotions and individuality are turned upside down. The sense of space in her paintings invites us to reconsider our bonds to nature in other words our sense of being, to the extent that it disturbs us.

Aslıhan Kaplan Bayrak
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